Karatedo United

of Singapore

True to our Vision
Since the formation of Karatedo United of Singapore (KUS), it always has been staying true to its vision of promoting Karate both in the international and local scene.


Karatedo United of Singapore (KUS)

KUS has been actively organising the KUS Annual Championship and KUS International Open Championship over the years. These tournaments are meant to expose local athletes and serve as a means to gauge their standards and performance among their peers.

KUS aims to continuously play a pivoting role in promoting and raising the standard of Karate in Singapore. We will also strive to invest in our athletes so that Singapore can be represented in the regional and the world karate arena.


Congratulations to Sensei Roger Wang for his election as
the President of the Asia-Pacific Shitoryu Karatedo Federation (APSKF).

We are pleased and honoured to have Dato Seri’ Derek Goh as the Patron of Karatedo United of Singapore.

Karatedo United of Singapore launched the very first Virtual Kata Competition!

Karatekas all over Singapore participated by uploading their Kata Demonstration video with the hashtag #VKCByPixelInc.