Shihan Kai

Hanshi Title and Shihan Kai

Martial artists often address their teachers as sensei. Junior and senior students are organised via a senpai/kohai system. Various titles are also employed to refer to senior instructors. Which titles are used depends on the particular licensing organisation.

Hanshi refers to a senior expert considered a “teacher of teachers”. This title is used by many different arts for the top few instructors of that style, and is sometimes translated “Grand Master”.

Shihan Kai is an organization that group up with all the Shihan title holders, to make important decision on certain karate-do issues technically. It also recommend prominent members for Hanshi conferment.

Karatedo Union of Singapore (KUS) has set up its Shihan Kai in year 2010. The Shihans under its wing include: Kaicho Wong Tuang Seng, Hanshi Michael Wong, Hanshi Francis Hong, Shihan Sanny Yap, Shihan Ng Meng Seah, Shihan Sai Koo Yet, Hanshi Chia Kwek Fah and Hanshi Alvin Tan.