Vision, Mission & Values


Karate is the most popular sport in Singapore, with individuals motivated by competition and high performance. There is harmony in community and among the stakeholders with vibrancy in the karate-related sport industry.


  1. To promote Karate as the sport of choice in developing the mind, body and soul to achieve a healthy lifestyle
  2. To provide the karateka with opportunities to grow, develop, enjoy and excel in Karate as a martial art and as a sport

KUS Value Proposition

To promote Karate to all, as more than a martial art, with strong emphasis as a sport that includes physical, mental and character development of an individual. KUS’ approach is to motivate and support the individual to reach his or her peak performance level



Excellence, Leadership, Integrity, Care, Respect, Humility, Accountability

Strategic Objectives

  1. NSA Governance: Strong leadership in governance and administration
  2. Sport Pathways Development: To grow participation in the sport by providing increased opportunities
  3. High Performance: To provide an environment, with key support, that produces high performance athletes who can excel in major regional and international tournaments
  4. Capacity Build-up: To build up capability in coaching and technical management (refereeing and judging)